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First Birthday

It’s been a year since I ordered the kit – how do I know? Autosport at the NEC. I ordered the kit at this event in 2012, and bought the engine soon after. I went again this year, and it made me realise just how little I have achieved in 12 months, and how few blog posts I have made! Read more

5VY breather modifications

I carried out these changes before starting this blog, but I thought I would post it up now in case the details are of use to anyone.

I take no credit for this modification, that all goes to the builders on the Locost Builders forum, and in particular the participants on this thread

I started by removing the pair of AIS covers from the cam shaft cover which exposed the reed valves. Read more

Installing the sump baffle plate and uprated clutch springs

I installed the sump baffle plate and clutch springs before starting this blog, but I thought I would post it up now in case the details are of use to anyone.

Previously, I had stripped the engine of the loom, and the coolant plumbing. I had also removed the AIS system, and the throttle bodies.

I started by removing the clutch cover, and then removed the clutch spring bolts and springs themselves. It was a simple job to put the new springs and bolts in, and I torqued them up to the correct value, finally adding a dab of torque seal to each bolt to show that I had indeed checked the torque. This is something I intend to do throughout the build, hopefully demonstrating to the IVA examiner that I have applied thought and care during the build process. The clutch cover was then replaced, taking care to make sure the lever was in the right place. Read more

The story so far…

The first stage of the build was to organise a visit to Raw to take a look around, ask lots of questions, and test drive the car. As the Striker is so diminutive, I had a concern that I would be too big to fit, but I needn’t have worried, as I in fact needed a booster cushion to reach the pedals. I knew I was making the correct decision almost immediately, the car was very solid, and even though the sun was low in the sky and reflecting off of wet roads, I thoroughly enjoyed the half an hour or so that I had driving.

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