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Installing the sump baffle plate and uprated clutch springs

I installed the sump baffle plate and clutch springs before starting this blog, but I thought I would post it up now in case the details are of use to anyone.

Previously, I had stripped the engine of the loom, and the coolant plumbing. I had also removed the AIS system, and the throttle bodies.

I started by removing the clutch cover, and then removed the clutch spring bolts and springs themselves. It was a simple job to put the new springs and bolts in, and I torqued them up to the correct value, finally adding a dab of torque seal to each bolt to show that I had indeed checked the torque. This is something I intend to do throughout the build, hopefully demonstrating to the IVA examiner that I have applied thought and care during the build process. The clutch cover was then replaced, taking care to make sure the lever was in the right place. Read more