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Uprights cleaned

This is what the uprights look like after electrolysis, and a quick wire brush. My friend Mark gave them a quick sand blast with very fine medium, to reach some of the areas that were shadowed during the electrolysis. A big improvement from this. They are now with Raw for modification.

The drive shafts have arrived

The drive shafts arrived today. They are from a 1990 4×4 Sierra. I am very pleased with my first auction win on eBay, they shouldn’t take too much work to refurbish and get looking good as new. The same seller had some difficult to find 100mm non-LSD (equal length) Lobro flanges as well, which he sold to me at a knock down price and no extra postage – bargain!

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The story so far…

The first stage of the build was to organise a visit to Raw to take a look around, ask lots of questions, and test drive the car. As the Striker is so diminutive, I had a concern that I would be too big to fit, but I needn’t have worried, as I in fact needed a booster cushion to reach the pedals. I knew I was making the correct decision almost immediately, the car was very solid, and even though the sun was low in the sky and reflecting off of wet roads, I thoroughly enjoyed the half an hour or so that I had driving.

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