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Brake pipe brackets

Brake pipe bracket

Finished brake pipe bracket

This weekend I worked with the rear brake lines. The first problem I hit was getting the knock-on pipe clips in place. Trying to drill into the tunnel chassis rails in the side proved impossible, because getting a drill in there was difficult. Fine drills simply snapped when ANY pressure was applied, and thicker drills wandered and did not drill in the right place. Read more

First Birthday

It’s been a year since I ordered the kit – how do I know? Autosport at the NEC. I ordered the kit at this event in 2012, and bought the engine soon after. I went again this year, and it made me realise just how little I have achieved in 12 months, and how few blog posts I have made! Read more

12mm to 1/2″

This weekend I tackled a couple of the jobs that I have been putting off. Read more

First Mistake

Cardboard template in place

I had my first few proper hours on the build today, and made my first mistake. My first move was to put some pipe lagging on the roll bar to both protect it from scratches, and my head from bruises. I also put some masking tape on the tunnel chassis rails to protect these as well. Read more

Collecting the kit

After many weeks of waiting, I got word from Callum at Raw that everything was ready, and I went to pick the kit. I arrived in Hereford at 3.30pm in a long wheel base transit van. Read more