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Collecting the kit

After many weeks of waiting, I got word from Callum at Raw that everything was ready, and I went to pick the kit. I arrived in Hereford at 3.30pm in a long wheel base transit van. Read more

Dismantling the drive shafts

I had an hour to spare today, so I dived into the garage and set about taking the drive shafts apart. The bolts holding on the stub axles (I think that’s what they are called!) proved a bit more difficult to remove than those holding the differential flanges on. After liberal amounts of WD40 I mounted them in the vice, and tapped the torx socket home to make sure it had as much purchase as it could. Read more

The drive shafts have arrived

The drive shafts arrived today. They are from a 1990 4×4 Sierra. I am very pleased with my first auction win on eBay, they shouldn’t take too much work to refurbish and get looking good as new. The same seller had some difficult to find 100mm non-LSD (equal length) Lobro flanges as well, which he sold to me at a knock down price and no extra postage – bargain!

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