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Starting to vinyl the scuttle

Starting to vinyl the scuttle

My next task was to start covering the aluminium panels with vinyl. Read more

Brake pipe brackets

Brake pipe bracket

Finished brake pipe bracket

This weekend I worked with the rear brake lines. The first problem I hit was getting the knock-on pipe clips in place. Trying to drill into the tunnel chassis rails in the side proved impossible, because getting a drill in there was difficult. Fine drills simply snapped when ANY pressure was applied, and thicker drills wandered and did not drill in the right place. Read more

Addictive Reading

I came across this site in one of the forums, and it is an addictive read. The level of attention to detail is phenomenal, and if I could work on a car (and blog!) half as good as this guy, I’d be a happy man. Read more

Wheel Offsets

I had a long discussion on the phone tonight with Dave Farish, who is also building an R1 Striker, and one of the topics was wheel offset. The summary of the question we were discussing is: is a wheel with the offset ET35 closer to the bodywork than a wheel with an offset ET15? Read more

Round the Bend

My first mistake was thinking I could save money on tools, and pay the bit extra to purchase the already flared lengths from Raw. I trashed those on my first attempt, which left me having to buy more pipe AND the tools, which I should have done in the first place.

Read more