First Birthday

It’s been a year since I ordered the kit – how do I know? Autosport at the NEC. I ordered the kit at this event in 2012, and bought the engine soon after. I went again this year, and it made me realise just how little I have achieved in 12 months, and how few blog posts I have made!

What happened? Brake pipes happened. I have probably used enough brake pipe for 4 cars trying to get the bends correct, especially the master cylinder to front pipe. More of that in a later post.

Engine mount colour coded

Engine mount colour coded

Where is the build is at right now? My last post left the build with the engine mounts primered, and these were then colour-coded. I am pleased with the results, although I will read the paint instructions a bit better next time, and apply a laquer, rather than wipe the paint off with a rag and thinners when I meant to simply wipe down the mount – doh! All re-painted and properly laquered now, and tucked away in the garage ready for the engine.

I then moved onto the brake pipes, which is where it all went wrong – read my other post for the details! I walked away from the garage before the spanner throwing started, and then never made it back in until Christmas. A combination of work, family and illness meant that I did not get going again until then, not to mention the fact that it was freezing in there!

To get the momentum going again, I tackled a simple job. I tapped the harness bolt mounts out where the chassis powder coat had clogged up the threads. This simple job gave me enough confidence to tackle the brake pipes again – I am back, in the garage, and I will do more this year 🙂