Long time, no update

Well, it has been a very long time since my last post, and for most of that it is because I have made very little progress! However since meeting up with fellow builder Dave Farish I have a renewed enthusiasm.

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First Mistake

Cardboard template in place

I had my first few proper hours on the build today, and made my first mistake. My first move was to put some pipe lagging on the roll bar to both protect it from scratches, and my head from bruises. I also put some masking tape on the tunnel chassis rails to protect these as well. Read more

Bodywork moved

I had a lot of other things going on today, and so was not able to make a start straight away, but I did manage to shift all the bodywork off site so that there is more room to work in the garage. I hope to make a proper start in a few days time, as we are off visiting family for most of the weekend. I might get a chance to tidy the garage up though, put all the bits on shelves, the chassis on stands etc.

Collecting the kit

After many weeks of waiting, I got word from Callum at Raw that everything was ready, and I went to pick the kit. I arrived in Hereford at 3.30pm in a long wheel base transit van. Read more

Uprights cleaned

This is what the uprights look like after electrolysis, and a quick wire brush. My friend Mark gave them a quick sand blast with very fine medium, to reach some of the areas that were shadowed during the electrolysis. A big improvement from this. They are now with Raw for modification.